Amy Arundale

Keynote Speaker, International

Physical therapist, Red Bull’s Athlete Performance Center, AUSTRIA

    Amelia (Amy) Arundale, PT, PhD, DPT, SCS is a physical therapist and researcher. Originally from Fairbanks, Alaska, she received her Bachelor’s with honors from Haverford College. Gaining both soccer playing and coaching experience throughout college, she went on to serve as Head of Women’s Football and William Penn Fellow at the Chigwell School, in London. Amy completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Duke University and gained experience working at multiple soccer clubs in the US and Norway.

    In 2013, Amy moved to Newark, Delaware to pursue a PhD exploring primary and secondary ACL injury prevention as well as career length and return to performance in soccer players. After a short post-doc in Linköping, Sweden, Amy joined the Brooklyn Nets as a physical therapist and biomechanist. Today, Amy works as a physical therapist at Red Bull’s Athlete Performance Center in Thalgau, Austria. Outside of work, Amy plays Australian Rules Football for Munich Kangaroos, the New York Magpies and USAFL Freedom (the US National Team).