Anna Scheer

Keynote Speaker, Aquatic

Physiotherapist, Curtin University, WA

    Anna Scheer is a physiotherapist whose research is focused on improving outcomes for people with cardiovascular disease and chronic health conditions through applying novel interventions, such as aquatic exercise.

    Anna is in the final stages of her PhD at Curtin University, with her thesis investigating the effects of aquatic exercise training for people with coronary heart disease. Anna’s involvement in aquatic exercise research began in 2010, when she studied the effects of aquatic circuit training exercise in people with type 2 diabetes and developed specialised aquatic resistance exercise equipment.

    Clinically, Anna has used aquatic exercise with a range of rehabilitation and preventive health clients. Additionally, Anna has been involved in research investigating the effects of sedentary behaviour, exercise for people with heart failure and ventricular assist devices, and social media based cardiac rehabilitation.