Judy Larsen

Invited Speaker, Aquatic

Physiotherapist, Hydrotherapy Brisbane, QLD

    Judy is a University of Qld graduate and co-director of Hydrotherapy Brisbane, Australia’s largest two pool independently run hydrotherapy facility. She is also a director of Hydrotherapy Consulting and Training, providing educational and consulting services nationally and internationally.

    Her private practice is primarily aquatic based with musculoskeletal, neurological, disability, pain management, aged care, antenatal and paediatric clients.

    Judy has significant involvement in aquatic education, lecturing in all areas of the aquatic industry, including under/postgraduate physiotherapy students, exercise-professionals, therapy-assistants, teacher education in special-ed settings and early intervention.

    Judy has worked in the hospital sector running a Brisbane hospital-based hydrotherapy facility for over ten years.

    Judy participated in the establishment of an undergraduate Aquatic Physiotherapy program at Singapore Institute of Technology.

    Judy contributed to the 2nd edition of The Guidelines for Aquatic Physiotherapists Working in and/or Managing Hydrotherapy Pools” and co-authored the document “Managing Aquatic Physiotherapy Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia” (2020), both for the APA. She has been active in the APA including starting the hydrotherapy special interest group in Qld in early 1990 and later as aquatic group representative on the Nationally Advisory Council.

    Judy works full-time in the aquatic area combining clinical practice, with pool-management, education, consulting, pool and equipment design and peer mentoring.