Keith Hill

Invited Speaker, Gerontology

Professor, Monash University, VIC

    Professor Keith Hill is Director of the Rehabilitation, Ageing and Independent Living Research Centre at Monash University.  Keith is a physiotherapist and senior researcher, with over 40 years clinical experience in rehabilitation and aged care, and an extensive track record in implementing and completing a broad range of research programs for older people in the community, hospital and residential aged care settings.

    Keith has particular research expertise in the areas of falls prevention, exercise, and ageing well, has a strong focus on inter-disciplinary research, and has current or recent research collaborations in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Sri Lanka and Brazil.  Recent and current projects Keith is involved in include improving health and wellbeing of older carers of older people, outdoor exercise parks for older people, improving physical activity, mobility and safety for people living with dementia, assessment of physical performance and community participation, and impacts of covid-19 and covid-19 messaging, especially targeted at older people.  Keith has been a Chief Investigator on 128 research grants totalling $44million, and has published 374 peer reviewed publications.