Leon Straker

Keynote Speaker, Occupational Health

Distinguished Professor, Curtin University, WA

    Leon is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor at the School of Allied Health, Curtin University. He has a background in physiotherapy, ergonomics and occupational medicine and an international reputation for research in the area of the physical health impacts of technology at work and leisure. He has worked on occupational health issues across a range of industries including: finance, legal, transport, health, telecommunications, and childcare. He has received over $56M in research funding and is ranked in the top 1% of scientists globally.

    Leon has published over 370 peer-reviewed journal papers that have been cited over 11,000 times in academic work and mentioned over 13,000 times in social media and policies, including over 80 times in WHO policies. He led a national team to advise WorkSafe Australian on occupational sedentary behaviour, which lead to its formal recognition as an occupational hazard. He currently co-leads an international collaboration designing better work using the Goldilocks principle.