Lester Jones

Keynote Speaker, International

Physiotherapist, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

    Lester Jones is an experienced educator and physiotherapist. He has had academic positions in the United Kingdom, Australia and now Singapore (since 2018), where he is a Senior Lecturer at Singapore Institute of Technology.

    Prior to 2018, he was working in private practice and a hospital-run pain clinic in Melbourne, along with pro-bono work with the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture. His work is informed by a unique educational experience, graduating from schools of Psychology, Physiotherapy, Medicine (Masters) and Nursing and Midwifery (PhD). This has cultivated a broad interest in pain and a curiosity for applying pain science to new contexts and also for working in a trauma-informed way.

    Much of his research has been exploring women’s experiences with labour pain, but he has also published on stress and pain, sports-related pain, pain associated with survivors of torture and clinical reasoning, in particular the Pain and Movement Reasoning Model which he co-created. He is currently a member of council for the International Association for the Study of Pain, secretary for the Special Interest Group, Pain and Trauma (formerly Pain related to Torture, Organised Violence and War) and member of council for the Pain Association of Singapore.