Nathan Ward

Invited Speaker, Cardiorespiratory

Principal Physiotherapist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA

    Nathan Ward is the Principal Physiotherapist for Respiratory at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He leads the team of physiotherapists providing clinical services as part of the Department of Thoracic Medicine, which includes the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Service, South Australian Lung Transplant Service and the pulmonary rehabilitation and airway clearance services across the Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

    Nathan completed his PhD in 2021, where he investigated the role of exercise as an alternative to traditional airway clearance techniques in cystic fibrosis. He maintains an active involvement in clinical care and research. He has specific interests in how technology can optimise the effectiveness of airway clearance techniques, the role of exercise as a form of airway clearance and the prehabilitation of people awaiting cardiothoracic organ transplantation.