Panos Barlas

Invited Speaker, Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Dr, Jamieson Trauma Institute, QLD

    Panos is a Principal Research Fellow within the Jamieson Trauma Institute, at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Panos qualified as a physiotherapist both in the TEI of Athens, Greece, and the Department of Physiotherapy in the University of Ulster at Jordanstown, continuing on with postgraduate studies which led to his DPhil from the same institution in 1998.

    As an academic for 24 years in the UK he lead a number of post graduate modules on pain physiology, pain management and assessment as well as involved in a number of research projects on the effects of acupuncture upon osteoarthritis, pregnancy related back and pelvic pain as well as experimental pain models. During that time he continued to also see patients as a senior physiotherapist treating musculoskeletal conditions.

    His current research interests lie in the clinical research on the management of musculoskeletal pain, the physiology of analgesia, trauma rehabilitation using technology and the application of clinical guidelines in the management of acute low back pain.

    He has lectured widely on acupuncture, sensory stimulation and physiology of pain and analgesia over the last 25 years all over the world.