Selina Parry

Keynote Speaker, Cardiorespiratory

Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, VIC

    Selina Parry is a physiotherapist, Val and Al Rosenstrauss Fellow, and Associate Professor in the Department of Physiotherapy at The University of Melbourne. She has a PhD, Grad Cert in University Teaching and is a FACP. She is also the Director of Engagement for the School of Health Sciences at The University of Melbourne.

    A/Prof Parry leads a team focused on improving recovery outcomes after critical illness and major surgery using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. She is passionate about working collaboratively together with patients, families and multidisciplinary team to optimise recovery outcomes. She is frequently invited to present at national and international conferences and is a current Churchill travel recipient which will enable her to visit leading centres across North America and the United Kingdom in 2023. Selina is a past National Chair of the Australian Physiotherapy Association Cardiorespiratory Group. She has published > 70 peer review publications and received >2.2 million in grant funds and is recognised for her excellence through awards in teaching, research and leadership.