Tasha Stanton

Keynote Speaker, Sports and Exercise

Associate Professor, University of South Australia, SA

    Associate Professor Tasha Stanton is the Osteoarthritis Research Theme Lead for IIMPACT in Health at The University of South Australia, Adelaide. She is a clinical pain neuroscientist, with original training as a physiotherapist.

    Tasha research focusses on pain – why do we have it and why doesn’t it go away? She has received >$7.3m in competitive research funding, has published >100 peer-reviewed journal articles, and she has been a keynote/invited speaker at >100 national and international conferences. Her research has won both national and international awards, including the World Congress of Pain Ronald Dubner research award, the Australian Pain Society Rising Star Award and the Australian Physiotherapy Association Best New Investigator Award. She has a specific interest in chronic pain, osteoarthritis, low back pain, pain education, cortical body representation, somatosensation, and body illusions using virtual and mediated reality.