Trung Ngo

Invited Speaker, Mental Health

Dr, RECOVER Injury Research Centre, University of Queensland, QLD

    Trung has over a decade of professional STEMM experience & skillsets in driving fundamental discovery and clinical translation projects, along with providing specialist research evaluation services and support for the Australian entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Health Tech Innovation QLD Leadership Team.

    With an interdisciplinary synthesis & quality outcomes focus, his research priorities are:

    (I) Precision Pain Medicine R&D program to delineate genetically supported risk & protective factors, transdiagnostic subtypes/biotypes and novel therapeutic targets for chronic pain & its common comorbidities (e.g., neurological, psychiatric, sleep & cardiometabolic disorders);

    (II) Implementation trials of vestibulocortical stimulation (VCS) — a simple, safe & low-cost routine neurodiagnostic technique — as a high-value treatment for these conditions and assessing its early intervention preventative health utility, i.e., disease-modifying neuroplastic changes following injury/trauma and in disorders of consciousness (e.g., TBI, concussion).

    It follows his earlier NHMRC Clinical Research Fellowship examining a bistable switching biomarker for mental health and VCS treatment for pain & mood disorders (and before that a PhD in Neuroscience with Jack Pettigrew MBBS, FRS, FAA).

    Trung is also on the organising committee for the upcoming AIMOS international conference in Brisbane (21–23 Nov | QUT Gardens Point campus) which works to improve research quality, integrity & culture.